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The State Is Out Of Date

Many believe that violent conflict is embedded in the human genome, and that the capacity to slaughter each other is fundamental to maintaining peace. But what if living in peace with each other is a more natural condition than that we experience in today's strife-ridden world and not simply defined by the absence if war? Perhaps, like everything else in the natural world, we organize better from the bottom up than from the top down.

The State Is Out Of Date, We Can Do It Better looks at the inherent capacity of human beings to forge solutions to complex problems without resorting to force, fines and incarceration. It examines the damage done to our positive evolution that arises when freedom is suppressed, when feedback loops are cut in deference to top-down government. Today we are more connected than at any time in human history - more enabled than ever to build sustainable peace based upon community instincts rather than fear.

The problem with the ruling state lies not in who holds the power, how they acquired it, what they want to do or why. The state’s fundamental tool is coercion – the threat to damage those who do not comply with its directions. It is an unreliable tool, even when by chance a good person reaches the top of the greasy pole. Whether confused, bemused or abused by the political process, The State Is Out Of Date re-assures readers that politics is not even the primary game in town, though it may sometimes look like the only one. It is a book for those who wonder why politics isn't working and what would. We can do it better, much better.

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Gregory Sams' The State is Out of Date is a book of immense importance that also happens to be immensely readable. Get it now, read it now. You'll be amazed, impressed, persuaded, infuriated and filled with hope for a future that awaits us if only we are prepared to make the right choices. The State IS out of date. We all know it. Now here's the proof and the route map that gets us out of this mess.

graham hancock
Graham Hancock, Author ``Magicians of the Gods"

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