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Brighton Oddiorium podcast - The Mystery of Light

This episode begins with a crash, after an eclipse and power cut in the studio leave our hapless presenters stumbling around in the dark. It all proves however, to be a perfect link for guest, Gregory Sams, who puts forward a compelling argument for the sun, stars and universe being far more intelligent than conventional science would have us believe.

Sitting Now Podcast
We talk to author Gregory Sams about consciousness, animism, and the Sun. Greg is the author of the great new book Sun of gOd. In this weeks episode we discuss: Chaos Theory, Whole Food, The conscious Sun, the battle between religion and science, Sun Spots, Sirius, and much more.

Beyond Politics, with Touchstone Tom on IndyInAsia radio
Two stand-alone interviews that will entertain your mind. For second hour click here

Interview on Red Ice Radio
An exciting two-part interview with this pioneering European radio show, covering both of Greg's books

Greg talking with Walter Cruttenden
Greg is talking with Walter Cruttenden, author of “Lost Star of Myth and Time”

Interviewed by Marie D. Jones on Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland Radio
This is a great interview but you need to pay a small subscription charge to get it, and access to many other previous interviews on this channel

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