“I was both excited and moved by this remarkable book.”
Colin Wilson, The Outsider

"This book has changed me, I have to admit...a charming and mind-altering book."
Kindred Spirit 5-star review (4*=excellent • 5*=genius)

"Gregory Sams' new book, and new way of seeing, will have a part to play in the global change of consciousness that is now, as never before, so desperately needed. Wonderful, clear-headed, thought-provoking material."
Graham Hancock, Fingerprints of the Gods, Supernatural, Ancient Teachers...

"Simply one of the wisest, most lucid, and most thoughtfully written books that I've ever encountered integrating spirituality with science and other disciplines"
Resurgence magazine review, by David Jay Brown

"... one of those most rare books, an unpretentious book of wisdom."
John Allen, Chairman, Global Ecotechnics, Originator of the Biosphere 2 Project

"Your book is a masterpiece!"
Youth, Killing Joke, Butterfly Studios

"Sun of gOd is wise, persuasively reasoned, and thoughtfully written--not light reading, but rich, provocative, and worth savoring, like a fine meal. By the time we finish, Sams has served up a feast, moving fluidly between the micro and the macro, exploring self-organizing principles within the cosmos with resounding logic and common sense, and making great contributions to the global shift in consciousness"
New Consciousness Review

"Gregory Sams asserts that the Sun is endowed with intelligence and consciousness. In the brilliantly articulated chapters of this remarkable book, he also  provides a provocative paradigm for understanding the self-organizing capacities of the entire Universe.”
Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., co-editor, Varieties of Anomalous Experience

"A thousand snorkelstonkers for illuminating my existence with this turbo blasting whizz into the infinite and back."
Raja Ram, TIP, Shpongle, 1200 MICS

“Puts down in a logical and concentrated and consistent way what I've half thought and half-perceived and half-hoped and half-guessed all my life.”
C.J. Stone, Fierce Dancing

"Sun of gOd should definitely be taught in schools and universities all over the globe."
Frances Lynn, blogger, author "Crushed"

“Sun of gOd presents a perfectly outrageous hypothesis: The sun is a conscious, living organism residing in a thriving galactic community, thinking stellar thoughts that span the entire universe. Surely this is nonsense. Except that the more you read the more a conscious universe begins to make sense. Gregory Sams’ book is a clearly written and persuasively reasoned argument to think about the sun in a radically new and refreshing way.”
Dean Radin, PhD, Senior Scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences

"I think I was on the road to becoming an Atheist then I read Sun of gOd. Your theories have revived some lost wonder in me that was all but dead." 
Mark Donnelly, Facebook friend

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