A Few Rays

What if our Sun is not an accidental light bulb in the sky that just happens to radiate the light of life and hold a family of planets together? What if stars are not simply random balls of plasma reacting to nothing more than the laws of physics? What if the pagans were right and the church wrong about the divine nature of our local star? Perhaps our human race is but a bright spark of existence in a connected living Universe.

It was not science that burned all thought of a living Sun out of our culture but a jealous Church. Scientists maintain this religious taboo out of habit and not the scientific method. Yet as cosmologist Carl Sagan put it, "Our ancestors worshiped the Sun, and they were far from foolish…. If we must worship a power greater than ourselves, does it not make sense to revere the Sun and stars?"

Sun is NOT a delusion and IS the light of our life.  This unique book lifts the lid on a subject suppressed for centuries, looking at it in the light of science, logic and common sense. The implications are startling, revealing a Universe incorporating both intelligence and design without need of an Intelligent Designer.

For those who would tick the “spiritual but not religious” box, Sun of gOd provides easy-to-digest and thought-provoking insights into what it’s all about. It will change you.

Foreword by Graham Hancock

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More Light

Did you know that there is a “magnetic portal” as wide as the planet that connects Earth to Sun? One end extends from Sun’s corona, the other from Earth’s magnetic field and they join together every eight minutes. Discovered in 2008, NASA believes that tons of high-energy particles are exchanged when they meet in this “flux transfer event.” Similar connections have now been found linking Sun to other planets.

As Sun turns, a solar wind of charged particles spirals into a giant magnetic bubble that embraces the entire solar system, shielding the planets from over-exposure to high-energy cosmic rays.
Solar scientists have identified six distinct layers to our local star, some of which rotate at different speeds around each other. They estimate that it could take new-born photons hundreds of thousands of years to pass through Sun’s layers, changing from lethal gamma rays to the gentle light of life in the process. <> Does all this seem like random activity, a lucky light bulb in the sky, reacting solely to the laws of physics?

When we talk about the “big picture” our local star seldom enters the conversation, though it is undoubtedly the most important element of our existence. Many consider little planet Earth to be a living entity, Gaia, and many invest goddess spirit in the Moon. Yet for centuries any such associations with Sun have been erased from our culture as thoroughly as victors delete the history of those they vanquish. Sun of gOd brings our solar benefactor out of the closet and in from the cold.

Our own consciousness is widely regarded as the greatest mystery of our existence. We know it is energetic and weightless but cannot fathom the how, what or why of it. Is it far-fetched to consider that the complex energetic entity that powers the life of every living thing might know life itself?

Yet as important as our local star is to us, it is just a bright spark in one of countless billions of galaxies. The concept of stellar consciousness and its inevitable implications change how we look at everything, from quantum particles to grains of sand, from weather systems to galaxies.

Sun of gOd makes sense of our world in a way that has not been done before, saying little that has not been expressed or understood before. It does so without rejecting science or relying on revelation. Readers are not asked to learn new things, but to look at them through new eyes.

Without teaching or preaching, without condemning or acclaiming, Sun of gOd will change forever the relationship you have with your world.

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